First BoldBrows Master of Netherlands


As one of the leading treatments in the beauty industry, Phi BoldBrows is a semi-permanent eyebrow drawing technique, basing the shape of the eyebrow on the facial morphology and the golden ratio (Phi 1.618).

Symmetry is calculated using the PhiApp, strokes are always drawn in the direction of natural hair growth and pigment is chosen according to the natural eyebrow and hair color, in order to achieve as natural look as possible.

This technique is intended for all persons over the age of 18, or may be performed on minors with compulsory parental consent who wish to correct any irregularities in their natural eyebrows or to change their shape (facial asymmetry)


PhiBright Serum Set allows you to create personalized cocktail for each client according to the skin type, skin condition and different skin problems such as acne, scars, hyperpigmentations, dark circles etc.

Phi Bright Serums contain a special complex Brightenyl whose main active ingredient, diglucosyl gallic acid, represents a new generation of skin-activating substances that are activated on the skin through the action of natural bacterial flora.

This complex restores a perfect and even skin tone by blocking the process of melanogenesis at several levels, thus controlling skin darkening and reducing hyperpigmentation. It also protects the skin and has a soothing effect, reducing redness.

Microneedling Philings


MICRONEEDLING – is a procedure which encourages microcirculation and natural collagen production and rejuvenation. It is also efficient in hair restoration, in cases of non-androgenic alopecia.

Micro punctures are manually created in the area where wrinkles are most prominent or in the areas where other skin irregularities are found. Microneedles penetrate 0.2 – 0.75 mm into the skin. The procedure is considered to be painless. During the procedure, a specially designed and patented Gel Solution (Tango and Jive) is applied to the surface of the skin and subsequently absorbed.

Results and effects of the treatment: the skin is hydrated, tight, lifted and rejuvenated, smoother with improved skin tone, which reduces the visibility of existing wrinkles, giving the skin a more youthful appearance, acne scars are reduced, wounds heal, pores are reduced, stretch marks are reduced, alopecia is treated. The results are visible within 24 hours after treatment and last for several months. The procedure is repeated two to three times with ten to fourteen days in between treatments.

In order to achieve the desired effects, 3 treatments are usually required, with a 2-week break between each treatment. The effects last between 4 to 6 months.